Hiring and Recruiting for Contractors


Are You Using the “Gut Feeling” Hiring Method?Weighed down by questions

Most contractors are too busy running their business to develop a system for recruiting and hiring. So they end up either going without key personnel, or hanging on to employees that they shouldn’t



Studies show that hiring the wrong employee costs companies over $50,000 on average.

Of course no one would keep an employee that was obviously costing them that kind of money.

The costs are compiled by poor performance, in efficiency, drain on morale, lost clients and opportunities, and worst of all… burden on ownership.

What would it be worth to be able to find high performing employees at-will that fit into the culture of your business?

Imagine having your business filled with people performing at high levels and being happy and content doing so! How enjoyable that would be!

Think of how you could grow your business? Or what you might be able to accomplish when more time is freed up because competent employees are able to perform properly?

If this sounds like an impossible dream, it isn’t. Of course there is some hard work involved, but there is a process that you can learn that will dramatically improve your ability to find, and hire the right people to work in your contracting organization.

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