The marketing master Jay Abraham talks about avoiding the one tent pole marketing approach. That is where you have a single pole holding up your entire company. If something happens to that pole, your entire company could cave in.

Even though this seems logical, in contracting this is the exact way that most companies handle their marketing.

In years past, the “Tent Pole” was the yellow pages. But when the internet gained popularity and influence, the Yellow Pages became extinct as a viable source of new customers.

Now history is repeating itself. Every day I receive multiple solicitations from “Web Guru’s” proclaiming to have the best solution for flooding my phones with rabid clients desperate to give me their money.

The claims come from Search Engine services, Pay Per Click, Lead Generation services, and “Reputation” services like Angie’s List or Yelp.

Now I am not saying that you should not use any of these marketing sources. In fact it’s quite the opposite. But what I find is that companies find one thing that works, and they put all of their eggs in that basket. This makes them vulnerable to shifts in the market, changes in weather patterns etc.

What I AM saying is that once you get one tent pole up, you had better start looking for the next one to add. And once you find that one, add another. Once you have an ample amount of tent poles, you nurture, and monitor them. Then should one collapse, you have 5 or 6 others to hold up the roof.

The most important area is the Re-creation (R. of our R.A.D. system) of marketing opportunities which focuses on the multitude of leads that might be right under your nose!

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